PANTO 1975-76

Panto 1975-1976

Sherman Theatre Cardiff

Theatr Yr Ymylon


Sherman MWen75-76cover

Christine Pritchard, John Prior, Shirley King, Sarah Reynolds, Frank Lincoln, Eilian Wyn, Stewart Jones, Robin Griffith, Christopher Davies, Nigel Ellacott.

 Directed by David Lyn, Set Design Ken Leech, Chris Brown. Lighting Howell Watkins, Wardrobe Anne Fowler & Felicity Shepherd, Music by Nick McGeegan & Nigel Ellacott,

This was a swashbuckling Pirate story in Panto style, based on Welsh legend and the novel by W.D. Owen  about Einir Wyn who led a double life as the Lady Pirate Madam Wen (Wen is Welsh for “White”). She led a band of smugglers in North Wales, close to Puffin Island, Anglesey.

Sherman MWen75-76cast Sherman MWen75-76credits

This is how I came to be dressed as a Puffin accompanying myself on my Ukelele- no mean feat in flippers.or wings.. The star of our show was Christine Pritchard, one of Wales’s busiest actresses, with countless appearances in Television soaps and plays and theatre. Christine is my oldest Panto friend- we are still in touch and met up recently forty five years after this show played The Sherman Theatre Cardiff, and toured around Wales!


Christine Pritchard

The highlights were writing songs for the show, playing Puffins, Pirates and anything else required, and a set that had “periactoids”. I’d never heard of the term- triangular Toblerone shaped pieces of scenery that spun around making three sets.

download (1)

A “Periactoid”

We had a locking “Quay” that joined them to make the Docks. Except for the Lyric Theatre Carmarthen when it didn’t lock, and Christine, Christopher and myself started to move unaided towards the audience and our Periactoids went INTO the audience. All part of the atmosphere! I loved the show and the company!


The Sherman Theatre Cardiff


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