The Qdos extended family got together to wish Qdos Panto producer and Managing Director Michael Harrison a very Happy 40th Birthday! The Family affair began when guests arriving at the Ham Yard Hotel Soho were greeted by Michael and Kathryn Harrison and four year old son Alfie.

Bar Bowling Buffet cinema

The Party occupied a complete floor of this boutique hotel, with its own private bowling alley, two bars and a cinema! During the evening the cinema showed Pantomime of course, at its very finest, and the champagne flowed as we dined, wined, bowled and raised our glasses in a toast- made by Nigel Havers, Palladium stalwart that he is, to Michael’s 40th!

There are official and glossy photographs to be released, but for the time being, here are some pics from various phones!


Kathryn Harrison, Brian Conley & Brian May (not a new double act.. yet) Ann-Marie Conley, Amy Potts and Anita Dobson

The Cabaret for the evening was the sensational Drifters- Michael Harrison will be presenting Beverley Knight as the star of a new musical about this iconic group. A treasured memory will be of Elaine C Smith and Imelda Staunton bopping away to “Under The Boardwalk” – a magical moment!


Jess Knight,  Beverley Knight and Dan



Panto stars, mates and Pals at the Party! 

Chris Hayward, Dan Russell,Lee Batty, Jess Knight, Paul Zerdin, Matt Slack

I spent a lovely evening catching up with Panto mates from way back. Great to chat to Paul and Linda Elliott, catch up with Brian and Ann-Marie Conley, with Alan Stewart, Andy Gra, Biggins and The Fabulous Jeanette & Ian (Tough) – The Krankies! These among many many folk I chatted to until the champagne took hold and I struggled to remember my name! Carriages (or Ubers as they now are) were at 2am.

The worlds of Musicals and Pantomimes were well represented, as well as creatives, choreographers, directors, producers, lighting designers, executive producers and theatre managers. Every aspect of the Biz that is Show was there to say “Happy Birthday”.

IMG_0594 IMG_0610

Kathryn & Brian, Ann-Marie and another Brian!

Michael’s shows in the West End (and a good few Worldwide),have included Bodyguard ,Gypsy, Mrs Henderson Presents, Young Frankenstein, Fiddler On The Roof, Annie and Joseph at the London Palladium- returning next year.

The room had many of the casts and creatives from these shows. David Ian was among the guests tonight- David ( like Jonathan Kiley trod the Kenneth More Theatre boards in Panto, Once Upon A Time!) has co produced shows with Michael that include Sunset Boulevard and the recent Benidorm Live tour of the UK.


Brian,Joe Pasquale and Gok Wan.

Gok was guest DJ tonight, Nigel Havers was speech maker, and the rest of the Palladium’s panto casts from the past few years were out in force- Julian Clary, Dawn French, Gary Wilmot, Paul Zerdin, Emma Williams to name but a few. This year of course it is the Qdos London Palladium production of “Goldilocks & The Three Bears” that takes the centre stage, presented by Qdos founder and Chairman Nick Thomas MBE.


Mick and Sandra Thomas (joint owners of Qdos) were celebrating, along with a huge number of their Qdos Pantomime Family.

IMG_0609 IMG_0599.PNG

Brian and Andrew Ryan. Nigel Havers gives the Birthday Toast!


Dan, Anne Galbraith,Christine and Chris.

The champagne continued, the buffet was served (“The “T” in buffet is silent. Really? Not when I drink it…” apologies to Dan Leno for that gag) the bowling went apace, we heard the Drifters live and Gok’s discs were spinning- It really was a Swell Party- Thank you Michael Harrison and Happy Birthday!

Here’s a VERY rough guest list with dozens of omissions- from memory! Apologies to those I’ve missed out- there was a lot of Moet!- The list in absolutely no particular order!

Michael. Kathryn and Alfie Harrison

Nick & Sandra Thomas

Paul & Linda Elliott

David and Tracy Ian

Clive Webb and Ann,  Danny Adams and Amy Potts.

Phil Hoffman

Elaine  C Smith


Joe Pasquale

Ed Curtis

Beverley Knight

Brian & Anne Marie Conley

Jeanette and Ian Tough

Imelda Staunton

Dawn French and Mark Bignell

Paul and Linda Elliott

Julian Clary & Ian Mackley

Christopher Biggins

Chris Hayward  and Dan Russell

Ceri DuPree

Annie Galbraith

Allan Stewart & Jayne Danielle

Nigel Ellacott

Andrew Ryan

Andy Grey

Grant Stott

Gareth Owen

Nigel Havers

Paul Bouchier

Martin Hinkins

David & Sallie McNeil

Darry Black and Stuart Griffith

Gary & Yvonne Hind

Marc SherWood

Jonathan Kiley

Gary Wilmot

Adam Renton

Phil Dale

John Bowles

Michael Gingell

Anne Smith

The Drifters

Matt slack – and Jess

Mark jones


Anita Dobson and Brian May

Alan and Sharon Harding

David Ian and Tracie Laine

Jamie Taylor

Jake Hine

Paul Zerdin

Stillie Dee

Jason Donovan

Paul and Gary Twins

Innis Robertson

Jac Yarrow

Barry Burnett

Chris agent to Matt

Alan McHugh

Jordan Young

Steve Arnot

Emma Newton Williams and James Newton





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