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Another Openin’- KMT PANTO an announcement from Anton Benson


Anton Benson Productions- The Kenneth More Theatre Pantomime 2019/20

As the doors shut briefly on Ilford’s Kenneth More Theatre this week, there has been an announcement from Anton Benson Productions (  regarding the Pantomime at the Theatre.

For over forty four years there has been an annual family panto at the KMT. I’ve costumed about forty of them, and my brother Vivyan (Ellacott) has directed all of the pantos up to 2010.Steven Day Directed the Pantomimes from 2011 to 2018-19.

The Redbridge Theatre Company leaves the KMT this week, and Vision will run the theatre from September 1st.

The Kenneth More will therefore continue with the Panto tradition which is great news- here’s the message from Anton Benson:


We are thrilled to have been entrusted with the responsibility of continuing the long standing tradition of providing a family friendly high quality pantomime at the Kenneth More Theatre this Christmas.

The production will open on 14th December 2019 and run until 12th January 2020. In a change to Kenneth More panto tradition, it will feature star casting and we will be starting to announce headliners soon. Tickets will go on sale early September.

We look forward to welcoming customers old and new to an exciting new chapter of pantomime at Kenneth More Theatre


Looking forward to seeing this “Sleeping Beauty” at the KMT in January when I’ve finished my Sleeping Beauty for Venue Cymru!

Wave your little hand and whisper so long dearie!


Moving on!

As a Pantomime Dame with own wardrobe, we are used to packing, unpacking, repacking and loading the costumes in and out of trucks. It is what we do before and after a Panto run. We don’t however usually pack everything we own into a very big van and whisper “so long dearie” after thirty six years!






After what seems a lifetime of storing our Pantomime costumes, wigs and accessories at the Kenneth More Theatre, this summer we moved it all, in its entirely to a new home in rural Hertfordshire. A County away from Ilford in Essex.

IMG_E9077 IMG_E9151

IMG_9519 IMG_9148

Andrew Ryan and I are used to sending a rail of costumes, two skips and a few wearable objects (a Can Of Beans, A Christmas Pudding.. A Deckchair- the list goes on!) to theatres around the UK for panto. We have never dispatched the entire contents of our Kenneth More Theatre Store in one session! Every costume was already bagged in its costume bag, and the wigs wrapped in plastic, but they were hanging on chrome industrial strength shop fittings.

IMG_E9149 IMG_9147

IMG_9242 IMG_9157

During the months of June and July we bought eight dress rails, which just took the costumes on our fixed rails, and six large cardboard “skips”. The Skips took wigs and accessories. Two more Wicker skips took the things you might use one day- Panto specific to Aladdin or Jack or Snow White, and another things you’ll probably NEVER use, but I am that hoarder! It takes me ten years to throw away Christmas Cards from dressings rooms- some dressing rooms now demolished!

We bought more dress covers for the costumes and eight Dress rail covers (for the rails not surprisingly) and set to work packing up our “stock In Trade”. To add to the complications, we needed a rail or two each with THIS season’s costumes on them, which gets added to, or depleted once the Panto script arrives! I know this year as Queen of North Wales, I will be wearing the “Glitzy” stuff- no “Workers” required. No pinny for Queen Myfanwy of Deganwy! I’ve set up two rails of furs, beaded wonderments, sequinned creations and ermined robes- and await the script to hopefully get as many costume changes in as I possibly can. My motto.. “Keep moving and they can’t hit you”.

IMG_9581 IMG_9580

Winching down the skips to join the rails below

I started storing my “Sister” costumes here back in 1981. Over the years Peter Robbins and I built up a huge wardrobe, and then continued to get new made each year. Fortunately we didn’t hoard in those days, and recycled. Our old costumes are knocking about somewhere even now I hope! Andrew Ryan’s costumes and wigs joined, and the “corner” filled up to bursting point.


I say we didn’t “hoard”- some things you NEVER throw away. This gorgeous Hound was made by a pal of Peter & mine- Sue Dacre. A superb master craftesman and Film and Theatre puppeteer. Sue made this chap and a Vulture (called “Vera”) for our very first time as “Ugly Sisters” here in 1981.Vera sat on my head in the hunting scene. Vera was glued with a glue we later found had “Gorn Orff”. To be brutal- She stank!  She was banished to the scene docks of four theatres before she finally went to Vulture Heaven. (Bournemouth I recall) and that is why there is no picture!


The above picture shows three skips that didn’t go on the van. Sadly the wicker skips had fallen apart, and the monogrammed one (ER- not the Queen.. Think about it? “Ellacott & Robbins”- got it?) I had to put in the recycling. After 38 years it had perished. It was a sad moment.

IMG_9583 IMG_9582

The rails now at the ground floor dock doors.

The “corner” nearly empty

The last things to move were the “Pantomime Roadshow” costumes and scenery. I’ve been fortunate. In forty Years I’ve never had to have costumes and props in the house. I am still fortunate, as only the Panto Roadshow scenery and costumes are now at home. They await our Roadshows to Basingstoke and Llandudno this Autumn, and then they too will travel to leafy Hertfordshire.

Finally like the Marie Lloyd song we “Followed on with the Old Cock Linnet”, but we didn’t Dilly or Dally-we followed the loaded van, prayed the mountain of costumes and wigs and props would fit into their new home and “Open Sesame!” The new cave of wonders had room to spare! Here is a picture of one proud Pantomime Dame and the Costumes safely stored again!



This reminds me of covered wagons on the trail! Here are the eight covered rails, and behind them stacked up are the eight skips. Danny La Rue’s bustle (as made by Terry Parsons ) has a new home, and Danny would love his new surroundings. Very “Dan”!

Elvis hasn’t left the room, but Ryan and Ellacott most certainly have! IMG_9068



Empty chairs- The KMT Closure & Re-opening.


The KMT Auditorium

The KMT opened on December 31st 1974. My brother, Vivyan Ellacott had moved from The Swansea Grand Theatre to Ilford to oversee the building and creation of the new theatre. He had been at Swansea from 1966 to 1968- then during rebuilding went to Wimbledon Theatre, and returned to Swansea Grand 1969 to 1973.


Pantomime had been a huge tradition at Swansea, where they often ran up until early March, and Vivyan created and Directed them here from 1975 up until his retirement after the 2010/11 Pantomime. Steven Day carried on the tradition and Directed each panto from 2011 to last year’s “Aladdin” 2018-19.


Aladdin 2018-2019



Vivyan Ellacott has a website that lists (among many sections on Musicals and Theatres) every KMT Pantomime since the first “Dick Whittington” in 1975. Here’s the link

Steven Day Directed Eight of the KMT Pantomimes. As a performer he had appeared in two previous pantos, and as Music Director he was involved in five previously. He too began his career here at the KMT.

The Theatre’s Pantomime for 2019-20 will be “Sleeping Beauty” produced by Anton Benson Productions for Vision- Redbridge Culture & Leisure who run the KMT as from September 1st 2019.


The KMT has been a huge part of my life since I first became involved in the ’70’s. It was here I started to design the costumes for the pantomimes-along with Margaret Brice- this led to designing tours- one lengthy job being The”Rocky Horror Show” in UK and Europe, and once at The Casino De Paris! Two costumes from Margaret & I are currently on display at the V&A. A very proud moment for us both.

It was at the KMT I did my first “Sister” with Peter Robbins in 1981 (never dreaming it would continue for 28 years!). It was here I “invented” my first Dame in 2009 and received amazing support from everyone

.It was with great sadness I was told in May that the KMT as we knew it, would be closing. At that point the future was uncertain, but the company who ran KMT (Redbridge Theatre Company) would not be continuing in this building after August. This is my first Summer NOT costuming a pantomime since the ’70’s!


As you may have read in the previous article, I had stored my own Panto creations here for over thirty five years, and Andrew Ryan’s fabulous Dame costumes were also stored. These we moved during the mid summer- and yes, it WAS Murder! Actually we did very well as I hope the article shows!


Site of Messers Ryan & Ellacott’s Pantomime Wardrobe! Where’s the blue plaque?

Steven Day Manager of the KMT had the task of de-cluttering the theatre of forty odd years accumulation,  and also of selling the assets of the company to ensure it remained solvent for future presentations in the area. IBY regulars will have noticed Panto Costume Sales advertised on the message board.


The entire stock of panto costumes were sold to various production companies, The Wigs were bought almost entirely to take on a new lease of life around the country,( All created by Bodyline) and those hundreds and hundreds of designs and untold hours of work by Margaret Brice, and makers like Mary-Ann Trigg, Meryl Herbert, Shirley Davis,Marie Webb, Frank Kershaw, Tony Wright, and further back Madam Kuldana and Frank and Tish Winter- the list is endless- They will all have new Panto homes!

IMG_9491 IMG_9490

IMG_E9157 IMG_E9156

It is so sad to see a building you have virtually lived in slowly denuded. Even worse to see Empty Seats in the auditorium- but not for long. The building will spring into action and return to doing what it does best- Entertaining Ilford.


I put together a collection of photographs during this Summer- The scenic cloths and furniture have now gone to a new Panto store and will be seen in various theatres each year- the spare Pantomime Roadshow sets I had (We’ve been doing this show over twenty years!) have gone to a school and to a Drama College.

IMG_9267 IMG_9270

IMG_9273 IMG_9268

Although it is sad to see those empty spaces, it is heartening to think theatre has ALWAYS recycled. Before it was fashionable- Theatres always thrived by thrift!

IMG_E9728 IMG_9530 (6

IMG_E9896 IMG_E9901

A big building with two large stores across the road, and a further store across in the Town Hall! Inside the building you can see the “Long Corridor” that housed Wigs and Accessories, and a view of the dressing room chaos!

IMG_E9911 IMG_9910

Stage Manager Dave Palmer on his final day.

IMG_9731 IMG_E9733

IMG_9730 IMG_9912

IMG_9072 IMG_9071

Jocelyn Herbert’s Mask for ENO

The mask (in a Tea Chest in one of the stores)  I had always known to be important, but decided to ask the V&A if they would like it- they have one already. This completes the set designed for English National Opera. Jocelyn Herbert was one of this countries most influential stage designers. She died in 2003. It is now safely stored at the V&A Museum.

IMG_E9899 IMG_E9900 IMG_E9897 IMG_9902


To celebrate the many companies, both amateur and professional that have performed at the KMT, and to honour the volunteers who kept the building running, Steven presented a one off farewell show. “A Night To Remember”. The Title.. well film buffs will get the reference. If you need a clue it was 1958. You’ll make the connection!


Some familiar KMT faces there- and here are a few more who were in or at the show.


A Doyen of Dames! Simon Bashford, Keith Hopkins, Nigel Ellacott, Marc Seymour and Andrew Ryan


Nick Greenshields, currently playing Javert in the internation tour of Les Miserable and Pharic Scott, West End & Australia’s “Wicked” productions. Both local lads began careers here at Ilford’s KMT.


Steven Day and Natalie Cleverly


The Finale of A Night To Remember




The auditorium (Sold out for the farewell show) will once again be welcoming patrons once the new caretakers of this building present their brochure for the Winter months. The building- empty or full- it isn’t just bricks and mortar.In fact it isn’t the most beautiful building of those ’70’s designers dreams.. but it is a place that makes dreams. Fairy tales- once upon a times- we’ve all enjoyed memories, of performing here or seeing a show here- and some of us working here. It is the people that make the building.


Here’s to Pantomime number forty five- “Sleeping Beauty”. It is the first of a new breed here- not “In House” but produced from outside , as Anton Benson says..” continuing the long standing tradition” of the Kenneth More Theatre. Long may it continue.

Nigel Ellacott. August 2019