Oh Yes! The Great British Panto Awards

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Not a drop passed our lips…. Well, Medicinal purposes only!

A fabulous Night Out at the Wimbledon Theatre to celebrate the Great British Pantomime Awards 2019 in the presence of Chris Biggins, MC and Compere to the Camper Comperes!

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Red carpet unfurled, and Wetherspoons bursting to the seams with sequins, The event began at 7pm Sunday 28th April.there are so many Panto folk to tag in the photos, I’m leaving it to the avid Panto spotter to spot- and I’ve added a list of just the Panto folk I can remember meeting up with during the evening. It was a crowded, joyful and jolly event- celebrating all things panto and catching up with mates that you never get the chance to see during the Pantomime season.

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Hello Hackney!

Daniel Dawson and Sam Munday-Webb (co-founders of GBPA) presented an evening full of speeches, awards, film clicks, live entertainment all with a Pantomime Twist- and Biggins announced presenters, nominees and winners through the night.


Chris really was in top form- in touch, in charge and incredibly funny as he led us on the Panto journey from an opening routine from students of Mountview, joined by Stagecoach’s Sophie Petit and from Rebecca Lake, through to Max Fulham’s speciality act- with his puppet Grandad  and Monkey in tow.


Max Fulham. Appearing in Bromley Panto this season alongside Chris Biggins and Ricky Jay.

IMG_8970 IMG_8998 IMG_8950 IMG_8988

Awards flowed, trophies collected, speeches made and Entertainment to follow included Quinn Patrick in full Dame mode proving There is Nothing like A Dame.


Quinn Patrick

IMG_9004 IMG_8999

IMG_9001 IMG_9002

Adam Star and Sam Munday Webb with Gill Jordan (Doreen Tipton)

There was a guest lecture by Doreen Tipton on the wonders of Brexit, and a rendition of “If I Were Not In Pantomime” by Liam Mellor, Jimmy Burton-Illes, Tom Rolfe and Damien Patton.


Andrew Ryan and I were presenting an award for Best Ugly Sister.


Nigel & Andrew

Last year’s winners you will recall were Ben Stock and Neal Wright.

IMG_8978 IMG_8952

we were delighted to be able to mention a few of the Ugly Sisters of the past- and thanks to the magic of Ben Todman on Video Graphics, the audience could take a look at them!

Revnell and West Terry Scott Julian Orchard alvisodell Burdon and Moran


Brian Godfrey & David Moreton

And Two more pairs of Ugly Sisters were mentioned!



Andrew Ryan & Nigel Ellacott presenting

It was a huge delight to present the award to Les Dennis and Connor McIntyre! Les and I did Hull Panto togethert thirty years ago! Here is the very poster on my wall!


The Awards came thick and fast- for a full list of nominees and winners, take a look at the GBPA website here!


My personal favourite quote of the night- Morgan Brind made an excellent speech presenting the Best Special Effects category and summed the magic up as “and now for the best blacked-out thing on a stick… The nominees are….What a great line!

Here are just a few photos of some of tonights winners- but, like the end of every panto Songsheet, You know that absolutely EVERYONE taking part in a panto is a Winner!


Connor McIntyre & Les Dennis- Ugly Sisters 2019


IMG_8976 IMG_8969

Kathryn Rooney- Best Director 2019


Clive Rowe- Best Dame 2019


Chris Jarvis- Best Principal Boy 2019

There are so many Winners- Here is a collection of photographs of just SOME of the winners- all the details are on the GBPA Website.

IMG_8986 IMG_8985 IMG_8984 IMG_8983


Berwick receiving his lifetime acheivement award from Roy Hudd

IMG_9020 IMG_8994 IMG_8992 IMG_8982 IMG_8990 IMG_8975 IMG_8980


a Great bunch of musicians accompanied the show, headed by Drew Cowburn with Patrick Rufey, Chris Ford, Jamie Wilkins, Nathan Harding. Kris Jones and Dan Boardman.


Every Panto wrap Party is a good one, and this was no exception! A good time meeting up with your panto mates, meeting fellow performers and costumiers, stage managers and designers, direcors, producers, choreographers- the list is endless. So good to have this once a year opportunity to meet up without two shows a day! Thanks again to Daniel Dawson and Sam Munday Webb, to all their fabulous sponsors- to Ben Todman, Aimee Sinclair, the massive backstage and front of house team,  and the brilliant BSL Interpretor Martin Fox-Roberts. Final huge thanks to Chris Biggins for creating the magic tonight!

IMG_8942 IMG_8952 IMG_8939

IMG_9005 IMG_8952 IMG_8966 IMG_9006

IMG_8943 IMG_8958 IMG_E8945

And the obligatory Photo bomb!


In fact, it was still going on the next day at breakfast!

IMG_8948Morning all from Damian Williams!

Thanks to all of you out there who make the Magic and who book each and every year to see the magic onstage- live- and not on a screen near you! Here’s to the next time!

PS: If you have time to kill, or are waiting for a bus- here’s a list of the Panto folk present tonight from memory! I have missed about 400 Panto Persons out, for which I am deeply sorry! There are the ones i CAN remember! Starting with Andrew Ryan and myself- Nigel Ellacott, we had:

Daniel Dawson
Sam Munday-Webb
Chris Jarvis And Richie
Ben and Zoe Nickless
Les Dennis and Connor Mcintire
Elaine smith
Chris Jordan and the cast of Stevenage Panto
Berwick Kaler
Roy and Debbie Hudd
Chris Biggins

Su Pollard

Allan Stewart & Jane Danielle

Lesley Joseph

Steve& Sarah Boden

Gary Wilmot

Jenny Perry

Vincent Hayes

Andrew Robley

Kev Orkian

Jon Monie
Hayden Parker
The Twins
Brian Herring

Anthony Dean
Graham Cole
Kathryn Rooney
Robert Lindsay
Philip Meeks
Jamie Jones
David Phipps Davis
Paul James
Ben Roddy And Kate Burrell
Nick Barclay And Sophie Leigh Barclay
Quinn Patrick
Max Fulham
Paul Zerdin
Hilary O’Neil
Billy and Kerry Pearce
James and Robin – The Grumbleweeds
Liam Mellor , Jimmy Burton-Illes,
Tom Wolfe, Damian Patton
Gill Jordan /Doreen Tipton
Adam Starr
Susie McKenna
Martin Hinkins
David Robbins
Damian Williams
Jess Hicks
Mark jones
David And Sue Lane
David Roper
Graham Mclusky
Rick Coates
Paul Hendy
Emily Wood
Ian Billings
Chris Jordan & Natasha Gray
Laura Barrowcliff
Andrew Fettes
Verona Chard
Paul Tate
Matt Cole
Tristan Baker
Paul Holman
John Ogle
Terry Gleed
Martin Dodd
Elizabeth Dennis
Anne Marie And Lucy Conley
Elaine C Smith
Clive Rowe
Ben Todman
Morgan Brind And Steve
Jamie Bannerman, Ashley Emerson, Steven John Rae,
Ian Sheepie
Hannah jane Fox


And hundreds more. It was a busy night. Apologies to those I’ve missed!




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