Ten Years ago today-April 15th I lost my Stage partner and best Bosom Buddy- Peter Robbins. It is hard to believe that a decade has passed- Peter was Fifty-Six when he died, and we were booked to appear in Wolverhampton Panto later that year.

I’ve had the great joy of playing Dame since 2009, and look forward to this year’s panto (to be announced!) but there isn’t a time when I’m sitting in my dressing room that I dont look across at where he sat for twenty-six years of great laughter. Here are a few photos to bring back those memories.

Peter would be so proud his Ballgown is currently on display at The V&A!

Dames on Display!




Peter1997a Sisters1997HomesandAntiques


This Ball costume, along with mine, is currently on display at the V&A Museum, London in the Theatre and Performance Galleries.


Portrait by the artist Judy Graham.

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