Panto Roadshow on the road!

10th October 2018


The Panto Roadshow has headed out once again this Autumn, calling at Basingstoke and Llandudno on the way! This week we’re representing The Anvil Theatre’s “Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs” pantomime in the area, and had the good fortune to run into panto enthusiast Joshua Dixon, a regular contributor to the site, on our journeys!

Here’s what Josh had to say about experiencing our touring “Magic Of Pantomime Roadshow” today-

I was thrilled to be able to represent Anvil Arts at the Pantomime
Roadshow this morning hosted by the amazing team at It’s Behind You.
It was a joy to see their hilarious, fast-paced show which not only
kept the children amused with fart gags and references to Peppa Pig
and the ever-catchy Baby Shark but also introduced them to the
characters and traditions of pantomime. I must admit to laughing at
the toilet humour just as much as the children!


It was lovely to chat to Nigel about the history of the Roadshow
itself and the many incidents that have come with it including fire
alarms going off mid-show!

After a swift break, the children were invited to take part in a
question and answer session. I was only too happy to answer any
questions about The Anvil itself and touched upon the size of the
venue and the post-show auditorium clear up… a mammoth task indeed!
One particular child asked a question regarding Andrew Ryan’s quick
change into the Pantomime Dame. This brought back memories of my
childhood and how amazed I was watching the Dame make many a speedy
entrance, each with a brand new costume. It was a great chance for the
children to find out more about pantomime but also what goes on

IMG_7352 IMG_7358

A huge thank you to Nigel, Andrew and Grant.


Dani & Chris

We’ve had a great week here at Basingstoke, and wish lots of luck to the panto Director also appearing as  Muddles The Jester, our mate Chris Pizzey- better known as Mr Steven to Basil Brush fans


Chris Pizzey is here with Dani Harmer as Snow White.The show is presented by Martin Dodd for UK Productions.


Next week we are back in Llandudno for the Qdos /Venue Cymru Panto Roadshow celebrating Cinderella with Tom Parker, Herbie Adams and Natalie Winsor. More news from my second home next week!





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