PETER BYRNE : The Service


Tuesday 12th June 2018

After several years as a resident of Denville Hall, The Actor’s retirement and care home in Northwood, west London, Peter Byrne died on May 14th.

A Service was held at Breakspear Crematorium nearby, with a full house, and a very moving tribute to “A terrific actor and a great bloke”, as it said on the order of service, or Programme as it was referred to.

The service was conducted by The Reverend James Fields, with Paul Elliott giving a personal tribute, the reading of a letter from Sheila Welch and a tribute from Peter’s Step Daughter, Vivien Gee.

A great turn out of Family, friends and colleagues who worked with Peter over a huge career- Just some of that career is mentioned in an earlier item on this Green Room Site.

I wasn’t able to remember everyone that was there, but I made an attempt to recall some- and there was a lovely atmosphere of remembering and recall anecdotes and off and on stage moments with his mates, back at Denville Hall.

Apologies to those I’ve missed out- perhaps you can let me know the names I didn’t quite catch or recall and I can add them here.

Vivien and Anthony Gee

Val Foice & Family (Peter’s Cousin)

Paul and Linda Elliott,

Haydn And L J Elliott,

Lalla Ward (Chairman of Denville Hall)

Chrissie from Denville Hall

David Webster

Sheila and Nick Welch

Doreen Hermitage

Audrey Laybourne

Spencer K Gibbons and Rudi Gibbons

Rev Cindy Kent

Ken Morley

Anita Graham and Richard Harris

Mark Wynter

Joe Harmston

John Hobbs and Ian,

John Newman & Daphne Palmer

Chris Moreno

John Fleming

Sarah Whitlock

Sylvia Carson

Moira Foot

Belinda Carroll

Nigel Ellacott

Andrew Ryan

Christopher Ryan

Madeline Smith


A very lovely reception hosted by Denville Hall afterwards, and a big thank you for looking after us so well in this beautiful house.Thanks to Paul, Linda, Haydn and L J Elliott for organising such a tribute- It was a great send off. We left the service to the sound of “Dixon” himself, Jack Warner, singing the theme song “An ordinary copper” to the successful series, the one that Peter Byrne appeared in for 432 episodes, over 22 series and made him a household name.

God Bless Peter. It was a joy and a pleasure to have known  “A great bloke”.



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