A Few Panto Pics- Nottingham & Ilford

Here are a few more pantomime production picures- From Theatre Royal Nottingham with Sherrie Hewson, Ben Richards, Ben Nickless, Andrew Ryan, Danny Bayne, Naomi Slights and Natalie Spriggs. Directed by Andrew Ryan.


IMG_4367 IMG_4360

IMG_4374 IMG_4361


IMG_4365 IMG_4363


IMG_4364 IMG_4358

Here are a few photos from the Pantomime I’ve costumed (with thanks to Theatre Royal Norwich) at The Kenneth More Theatre in Ilford. I look forward to seeing their “Peter Pan” in the second week of January- I worked on the costumes from August and have yet to see them onstage! The panto features Marc Seymour,Simon Ward, Loraine Porter, Rikki Stone, Natalie Cleverley, Charlie Jones, Lori Stansfeld, Tami Stone, Jocelyn Prah, Keith Kelly and Akeem Hyman, directed by Steven Day. Sets lights and sound by Rob Mitchell-Geares, Peter Abery and Dave Palmer.

IMG_4381 (1)


IMG_4382 (1)

IMG_4356 IMG_4378 IMG_4384




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