The V & A Goes To The Ball!


Peter Robbins & Nigel Ellacott- The Ballroom Costumes unveiled!

Friday 1st December 2017

A lovely and an emotional evening at The Victoria & Albert Museum in South Kensington – The costumes I donated to the museum were put on display , and I was very kindly invited to have my photo taken with the costumes and the conservators and curators who made this happen!


Gesa Werner, Textiles’ Conservator, Catherine Haill, Curator Theatre & Performance Department , Nigel Ellacott, Susana Fajardo, Textiles’ Conservator and  Keith Lodwick, Curator  Theatre & Performance Department .


The costumes, designs and jewellery are now a part of the archive, with huge credit to Margaret Brice who made these two Ballgowns for Peter and myself. In fact over our thirty year stage partnership Margaret made all our costumes- these ballgowns are the third incarnation over the years.


Cathy and Nigel

The costumes now reside in the Theatre and performance area of the V&A and will be there, I believe for the best part of a year. Next week we will be joined by Danny La Rue’s Pink “Aladdin” costume, designed by Terry Parsons. Anne Galbraith, Danny’s costumier and long time companion will be there to see his costume installed. Clive Roe is next to Dan- a quartet of Dames in one case!


A great honour- thanks to Cathy Haill and the V&A conservators and curators, to Margaret Brice and to Paul Elliott of E&B and to all at Qdos for giving us the thirty years of Pantoland as “The Ugly Sisters”.


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