Ashleigh, Pudsey & Sullivan!


Sullivan and his Crufts 2017 prizes

Readers of the Northampton Dame’s Blog will recognise Sullivan, or “Sully” as he’s known- a fiesty performer who lived for his moment on stage with Ashleigh and Pudsey and the rest of us in “Jack & The Beanstalk” this season.

On Sunday Sullivan was not in a theatre but in a huge arena- THE Crufts arena at Birmingham NEC. Along with Pudsey he was competing in the the Agility  section of the world famous show in front of many thousands- including Andrew Ryan and myself!

059 062

Sully won a first in his group, and just narrowly missed the overall prize in the final held just before “Best In Show”. He raced like a streak of lightning barking all the way, and was just loving his first time at Crufts! Pudsey , a seasoned veteran was just as enthusiastic, and completed his agility course, leaving Ashleigh and her Mum Penny in floods of tears- his performance was flawless, but Ashleigh has decided to retire him from cometition. This was his final race around the green carpet at Crufts. So honoured to be there to watch it.


Pudsey on beginners!


Sullivan in mid flight

It was a great day and got the chance to catch up with Ashleigh before the finals. Ashleigh, Pudsey and Sullivan will be appearing in “Jack & The Beanstalk” this year at High Wycombe for Qdos.


The end of a great day… time for some of the competitors to take a nap!


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