NODA The Summer School Week!


“Here We Are Again!”- a fabulous week spent at NODA “Boot Camp” for Panto enthusiasts!


Thanks to Dame Ian Good for suggesting I should become tutor for Pantomime at this annual Summer School, held in the very plush Scarman Centre at Warwick University.


some of the tutors!

Eighteen intrepid Panto scholars spent a week with me hearing endless tales of pantomime mishaps and joys, and spending mornings with lectures on The History of Pantomime, the Drury Lane years, Principal Boys, Panto Dame Day- with make-up and costume, and many afternoons working through gags and routines, leading up to a glorious presentation on Friday at Warwick Arts Centre- a 17 minute potted panto! Oh Yes We Did!

034 044

A great bunch of fellow tutors, administrated beautifully by Catriona (Tri) Cumming, and a truly delightful bunch of people on the Pantomime course- their enthusiasm and joy of all things panto really made it a true pleasure.

025 026 027030



Thanks to all at NODA!


2 thoughts on “NODA The Summer School Week!

  1. Diane Hills August 13, 2015 at 9:59 pm Reply

    We were privileged to have such a wonderful tutor thank you Nigel for sharing your knowledge, your experience and your humour x

  2. Fiona August 30, 2015 at 12:03 pm Reply

    Such a wonderful week and you are such a kind and generous man- thank you 🙂
    loved loved it all

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