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Lynette McMorrough’s Birthday Bash!


Lynette & Emily McMorrough

A glorious day in Whitstable to celebrate Lynette’s birthday with a distinct panto flavour, as you would imagine. Lynette the star of Crossroads (Glenda Brownlow of course!) and many a Ray Cooney Farce including “Run For Your Wife” and “Funny Money”, and recently “No Sex Please- We’re British!” in the Far East- Lynette and Husband Nick Wilton celebrated with some mates.

Nick was showing his Snug not his Bottom this week in an Open Air Shakespeare ,a far cry from his life trudging Walford Market in “Eastenders”,  and returned from “No Sex Please” with Lynette to the news he will be appearing in panto as Dame this season at the beautiful Theatre Royal, Bath for UK Productions!


Nick Wilton

Even the venue “English’s Tapas” has a Panto flavour, as it belongs to the lovely Louise English star of West End and many a Panto Principal Girl and Boy!

078 086

You might spot the master of Farce Ray Cooney with his artist wife Linda!



What a glorious gathering! A lot of Lynette and Nick’s chums having a fun day celebrating a gorgeous lady’s Birthday.

083 084 085 a plethora of Sisters and Baddies and Dames! Well three out of four!

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Freddie Lees- The Service


A packed house at the Service for Freddie Lees held at Mortlake Crematorium on June 9th. Around eight of Freddie’s Family and friends gathered to say goodbye, and to remember and swap stories of a wonderful life in theatre. The service was meticulously planned by Freddie. Every part of it was at his request, and put together, as you would expect like a theatrical production. There was a lot of laughter, some beautiful music and some tears. A fine and fitting send off for our friend, who will be greatly missed.


Here is a partial list of those who attended the service, and gathered afterwards in a pub in Kew Green, swapping Freddie stories until the evening. Some, like Bobby Crush and Barry Burnett were not able to be there as a major disruption to trains at Waterloo meant they got half way and ran out of time.


Beryl Womack

Rachel Womack

John Lloyd

Jane Lloyd



Yvonne Biram












Robert Adams

Sally Aitken-Davies

Jae Alexander

Robert Bailey

Paul Bennett

Caroline Berry

Christopher Biggins

Stephen Bone

Michael Bower

Helen Cottrell

Noel Cunningham

Deddie Davies

Julia Deakin

Hattie Eastcott

Nigel Ellacott

Vivyan Ellacott

Brian Ellis

Will Essex

Jean Fergusson

Malcolm Francis

Richard Frost

Kim Grant

Iwan Harries

Chris Hayward

Jan Heathcote

Andrew Hill

Fay Hillier

James Horne

Ian Howells

Steve Kemble

David Kidd

Robert Kingswell

Brenda Kyte

Audrey Leybourne

Val Manifi

Susie McKenna

Angela Moran

Liz Moscrop

Jill Nalder

Camilla Osborne

Lucy Quick

Peter Richards

Andrew Ryan

Peter Sandeman

Andy Shields

Michael Simpkins

Philip Smith

Gareth Snook

Sarah Stanley

Peter Straker

Allan Stirland

Peter Symonds

Bob West



If you haven’t already taken a look at our “Spotlight On Freddie Lees” , it gives a glimpse into a career that spanned sixty years and many repertory seasons, television appearances,  West End Musicals and Pantomimes along the way.  An amazing talented friendly and lovely man.